Geometric Suburbia


This, Abstract, Contemporary, and Modern work, is different from the handful of geometric works that I have created. I decided to design something that contained geometric shapes, by making a skew of lines and randomly laying them on the canvas. Using a ruler, I with some limitation to how I was to execute the work, but to allow more of an unlimited approach towards how many shapes and lines I would create, my adrenaline overpowered me. I felt as if I was another similar, "Jackson Pollack", but instead of randomly tossing paint from one area to another, they would be lines. My first assumption and difficult challenge was to decide how many color shapes I would create from such a number of shapes within the canvas and how much negative space should be taken without overpowering the work. Second, whether or not I should overlap the colors as if like the similar work entitled, "Billiard Balls of Molecular Colory Theory". Lastly, positioning and titling the work. Is it human and in a home?

Acrylic on Canvas - 18x24 -  1 inch Gallery Wrap. Signature, is on the back of work.