Mosh of Babies

$500.00 (Sold out)

For some people, Mardi Gras, can be considered year round in comparison to celebrating Halloween. For me, as not just an artist, but a Baker as well, my creativity is in constant demand. Particularly, when Mardi Gras, approaching and King Cakes, become the talk of the town. The symbolic baby, known as the "King Cake Baby", is considered great luck for the year, if found by the lucky person whom finds it in the cake. At my bakery, we supply each King Cake with one plastic baby that we place inside the cooked pastry. As I was looking directly at the bag of King Cake babies, it dawned on me to create something weird, novelty, macabre, and over the top, much like the way Mardi Gras is represented by people who celebrate the tradition.

Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Canvas - 12x12 - 1 inch Gallery Wrap. Signature, is on the back of work.