Tilt and Twirl

$1,000.00 (Sold out)

One of the interesting things I love about my art and the influence of others, is repetition, and pattern; Art Deco, is just that. For me, it is a great challenge to do repetitive line patterns, whether they are geometric, circles, lines, etc. Details, are also essential to Art Deco, along with precision and using an exceptional color palette. This, particular design itself, was at some point a large sketch idea on a canvas, without the need to undergo multiple sketches on a piece of paper. Once, I have a great idea and it's laid on the surface with an HB pencil, there is no stopping it once it covers the entire picture plane. The whole concept, was just to use a repetitious number of circles, ovals, and lines that eventually ended throughout the whole canvas; some people, find other characteristics to this painting.

Acrylic on Canvas - 18x24 - 1 inch Gallery Work. Signature, is on the back of work.